Auto Mail Sender™ Standard Edition (AMSSE) is a powerful and easy-to-use eMail sender & scheduler, you can use it to send eMails automatically at anytime and any frequency as you expect.

You can set various sending schedules, such as yearly, monthly (by day number, day name or last day), weekly, daily and any other schedules you can think of.

AMSSE provides all the traditional eMail elements/functions and some distinctive elements/functions such as sending schedule, sending one-by-one, repeat sending, resending if failed, macro supportable and has some built-in macros, folder attachment supportable, SMTP accounts list and automatic selecting the available one, custom sender/read receipt receiver/reply receiver/sending time, using recipients files to send eMail directly, selecting/saving receivers from/to txt/csv/xls(x) files, creating the popular SMTP accounts directly, auto-complete SMTP account settings, and so on.

You can inform yourself or others, submit work logs or documents, and send the routine business eMails, surely, make ads and greet your family members or friends at their important day (for instance: birthday) through use of AMSSE.

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Download Download v7.0 for Microsoft® Windows®, 1.02 MB, Updated at Mar 01, 2016

BitsDuJour's Review

QuoteAutomatically Send Scheduled Emails

Auto Mail Sender™ is an extremely powerful and intuitive email sender that you can use to send email messages automatically, at any time, and with any frequency that you wish. Send automated email messages annually, monthly, weekly, daily, or on any periodic basis that you can imagine.

Imagine being able to send periodic reminders of your amazing products and services out to your client base, without the burden of having to remember to sit down and author a new email every time. Or imagine having the ability to automatically send email messages about system status (up/down), and only having to change the email if something changes with the system. You could even schedule birthday emails in advance, so you'll never "forget"!

Beyond the sheer usefulness of being able to send automated messages on a scheduled basis, Auto Mail Sender™ also includes some dandy bells and whistles that are designed to make your life much easier. There's support for multiple SMTP accounts, with the ability to automatically switch to another should one fail. The same concept applies for proxy servers -- maintain a list, and if a proxy server isn't available, Auto Mail Sender™ will instantly switch to an alternate. You can craft your emails creatively using the WYSIWYG HTML editor, and ensure that your emails are being received by using the receipt function!

How about your recipients? Auto Mail Sender™ lets you set up an address book, or save your list of recipients to text, CSV, or XLS files! It supports macro creation, folder attachments, and even allows you to empty folders after successful sending (in automatic mode only).
Download Download v7.0 for Microsoft® Windows®, 1.02 MB, Updated at Mar 01, 2016

CNET's Review

QuoteAuto Mail Sender™ promises to help users send e-mails on a schedule and from virtual identities. With a mostly easy-to-understand setup, this program performs its complicated task so nearly anyone can use its power.

This program is set up to mimic the appearance and interface of less flashy e-mail programs like Microsoft Outlook, but with a few more rows to fill to help protect the sender's identity. Users familiar with sending e-mails should not have a difficult time navigating through this program, but can consult Auto Mail Sender™'s thorough Help file if an issue arises. Some of the features that make this program stand out are its easy capability to send the mail from a virtual address, set the e-mail's time and date sent to any time imaginable and import an address book from another e-mail system through a simple menu. Scheduling e-mails to send hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly was as simple as setting an alarm clock, while filling out and sending the actual e-mail felt natural. However, users must input their server and port before the mail sends, which could be a snag for more novice computer users, but not an impossible hurdle.

A trial limitation prevents you from sending more than 50 e-mails. However, thanks to its capability to disguise senders and to easily set a schedule, we recommend this program for anyone who needs secrecy and repetition in their email sending.
Download Download v7.0 for Microsoft® Windows®, 1.02 MB, Updated at Mar 01, 2016

Free Downloads Center's Review

QuoteEmail clients make your job of managing emails a lot easier while personal information managers remind you of important personal dates and professional appointments. Auto Mail Sender™ 4.10 offers you the best of both worlds by combining standard email functions with the ability to set schedules for sending specific emails.

Your present email client may be perfectly capable of sending, receiving and managing emails. However, if you observe the pattern of mails being sent over a period of time, you will notice that more often than not, you are sending the same mail to a set of people though at different times. For example, as a professional, you might need to keep in touch with your clients on a regular basis or you might have to send greetings to family and friends. In such a case, the content of the mail might not change though you may have to send the mails at different times. Auto Mail Sender™ 4.10 offers you the perfect solution - you can use it to send emails to receivers specified by you automatically at the time and with the frequency that you choose. It certainly provides you all the traditional mail functions and adds a few more such as the ability to create a sending schedule, sending mails one by one and repeat sending of a specific mail. Auto Mail Sender™ also includes a powerful WYSIWYG HTML editor allowing you to create high-impact, professional looking mails very easily and quickly. You can use this application to create and send routine business emails on a regular basis. Else, you can keep your greeting ready and schedule it to be sent by Auto Mail Sender™ on the day of the special occasion like a birthday or marriage anniversary.

With its unique ability to schedule mails at one's convenience so that one never misses sending out that all-important mail, Auto Mail Sender™ gets a score of four rating points owing to its stellar performance and rich feature set.
Download Download v7.0 for Microsoft® Windows®, 1.02 MB, Updated at Mar 01, 2016

Softpedia Editor's Review

QuoteA straightforward application that helps users send scheduled email messages yearly, monthly, weekly, daily, or at a specified time

Auto Mail Sender Standard Edition is a lightweight application designed to help you send scheduled email messages to your friends or contacts.

It comes in handy for all users who plan to send email messages with different advertisements and important memos to their business contacts, or send birthday messages.

Auto Mail Sender Standard Edition sports a clean and straightforward layout that allows users to set up the proxy parameters, configure the SMTP accounts, create a list with email addresses, and embed a default signature to all email messages.

The application lets you save the email messages as templates, send them yearly, monthly, weekly, daily, or at a specified time, perform basic editing operations (cut, copy, paste, or delete), search for different words, as well as create macros.

There aren't many configurable options when it comes to customizing the text, as you can only change the font and size. This tool is built specifically for helping you send email messages at a scheduled time, so it doesn't offer support for emoticons, text color, and other personalized options.

During our testing we have noticed that the tool carries out a task very quickly and without errors throughout the entire process. It doesn't eat up a lot of CPU and memory, so the overall performance of the computer is not hampered.

To sum things up, Auto Mail Sender Standard Edition offers an intuitive layout and a handy set of parameters for helping you send email messages automatically. Thanks to its straightforward approach, it can be used by beginners and professionals alike.
Take Reviews's Review

Quote...Above all, auto email sender by Trisunsoft is instinctive and powerful mail sender used for sending mail messages automatically. Trisunsoft auto email sender gives regular reminders of amazing products as well as services to client base. Beyond utmost usefulness, you will be free to send messages automatically on scheduled basis...
Download Download v7.0 for Microsoft® Windows®, 1.02 MB, Updated at Mar 01, 2016

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Download Download v7.0 for Microsoft® Windows®, 1.02 MB, Updated at Mar 01, 2016