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Important Tips of Automatic Sending Feature
  • The automatic sending function works as a Windows Service.
  • If you installed AMS Standard/Birthday Edition on your server, it is very useful - can enjoy the automatic sending feature without logged in Windows.
  • The UI side is used to configure your settings, once set OK, do NOT need to open the UI.
  • If you found this function is not working, please check if the related Windows Service is running and set as automatic startup.
Q: Can I debug AMSSE myself?
A: Yes, please download the debug version first, and then replace the files in "program files" folder.

Open "Options" interface, switch to "SMTP accounts" tab, select the "unsuccess" account, click <Test> button, you will get enough information about why it is not working.

You can solve the SMTP account problem according to the output information, or search some solutions. Especially, the output of step 7.
If you still cannot solve the account problem, you can send us the outputs by eMail for advanced help.

Please note that the debug version is only available for AMS Standard/Birthday Edition.

Q: Everything is well, why I can not send email still?
A: There is an important reason for the failed emailing: your security programs blocked it.
If all settings are correct, but the email still can not be sent, please check the settings of your security software, cancel emailing related protection for our software and try it again.

Added @ Mar 03, 2021: another important reason - if AMS does not work by using the email account password, please try to generate a special app password and use it in AMS. At least, we found that the special app password is working better than account password for email accounts. Usually, you can find this setting in your account "Security" page.

Added @ Nov 18, 2021: if you want to add AMS to the whitelist of your security software, please add both "Auto Mail Sender * Edition.exe" and "Auto Mail Sender * Edition Service.exe" to the whitelist, the first one is UI application, and another one is a Windows Service that used to send emails automatically.

Q/A: How to set your SMTP accounts (eMail accounts or the senders) in our eMailers?

Article: A basic and important knowledge about sending ability / limitation and whether the emails can be received by the receivers

Q: Can you tell me how to find more experiences?
A: Yes, you can find more experiences at our Mail Solution' official blog - Automailer Software.

Q/A: What is Macro, what can it do and how to use it in AMS series products?

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Q: Would you please recommend me a good SMTP provider (for emailing products only)?
A: Yes, now we recommend a good SMTP server - Gmail.
It is a fast, reliable, stable and multi-receiver supportable SMTP server.
You can consider using it to send emails with our emailing products.

Its settings as below:
SMTP Server:
Port: 465.
Connection Security: SSL.
Authentication Required: checked.
User: your Gmail address, e.g. [email protected].
Password: the password of your Gmail account.
Display Name: your hypocorism/real name.
Email Address: your Gmail address, e.g. [email protected].

Please click the following link to register the Gmail account:

Usually, you can click Add -> Gmail Account... menu item on Options -> SMTP Accounts tab page to set it.

Q: Which version of files/folders (attachments) will be sent by your products?
A: Our emailing products will send the new version of the attachments every time, because they only record the file/folder paths, at the sending time, they will read the new version of files/folders to send.

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Q/A: How to increase the speed of importing recipients from files?

Q/A: How do they start automatically?

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Q/A: How to get operating tips?

# Auto Mail Sender™ Birthday Edition <Top>

Q: Why it is not working properly?
A: Since v9, the greeting sender is made as a Windows service. Although it can be started automatically after installed or when Windows starts, but for some reasons (e.g. your security software blocked it), the service may not be started automatically. So, if your greetings cannot be sent out, please check if "Auto Mail Sender™ Birthday Edition Service" is running. To view and start a Windows service, just right-click on "Computer", select "Manage" and locate to "Services and Applications -> Services" node.

Q/A: How to send an eCard in AMS Birthday Edition?

Q/A: How to see more attachments in AMSBE?

# Auto Mail Sender™ Standard Edition <Top>

Q: Which is the correct separatory character for [To], [CC] and [BCC] fields?
A: Please use comma (,) to separate e-mail addresses for the [To], [CC] and [BCC] fields (e.g. [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]), AMSSE does not accept any other character as the separator.

Q: What is the incomplete email or has the invalid elements?
A: No SMTP account, no receiver, invalid email address found (must be [email protected] or XXX <[email protected]>, contains reply receivers and To/CC/BCC recipients), or the separator for To/CC/BCC receivers is not comma (,). The email which is incomplete or has the invalid elements is not allowed to send (include automatically and manually).

Q/A: What needs to do before use AMSSE formally?

# Email Checker Basic & Pro <Top>

Q: Why need it?
A: Usually, you need to check and verify the valid and existing of your mailing list for the following reasons:
  • Maintain a clean emailing list.
  • Reduce management costs.
  • Reduce the number of failed and bounce messages, such as "this user does not exist", "AA doesn't have a XXX account", etc.
  • Avoid email service provider disable your mailbox due to sending too many failed emails.
Q: Why I have the invalid or nonexistent email addresses?
A: The following reasons will cause it, so, you need to check them before sending.
  • Email account had been deleted from server by administrator (expired or illegal operations).
  • Your contact had left.
  • You collected a nonexistent or invalid email address (such as your visitor submitted a wrong email address when subscribing to your newsletter, maybe unintentional or intentional).
Q: Why a few email addresses cannot be verified?
A: Email Checker can check and validate most Internet email addresses, such as Gmail, Hotmail, MSN live, but there are still a few mailboxes cannot be verified if existing due to the following reasons:
  • Email server does not support verifying, such as yahoo.*,,,,
  • Email server is unreachable in your network environment.
Q: Why cannot send email properly even the address is valid and existing?
A: The recipient maybe cannot receive your email even the email address is valid (format is OK) and existing on the email server due to the receiver (or the corresponding email server) rejects the sender address/domain/IP address. However, we will ensure you have least unavailable mailbox through checking and verifying your mailing list by Email Checker.

Q: How does it work?
A: Here are its checking and validating steps:
  • Checking email address format.
  • Checking whether the email server supports email verifying.
    The known unsupported email servers are: yahoo.*,,,,
    Note: the unsupported email server means that checking any email address on it will always get 'BAD' or 'OK' result.
    If you encounter an unsupported email server, you can add it to the related list on Options interface manually (only for Pro Edition), and you can also let us know by clicking "Help -> Report Unsupported Email Server" menu item, we will test it and add it to the known unsupported email servers list.
  • Checking if email domain is existing and reachable.
  • Checking if email address is nonexistent/disabled/unavailable/discontinued.
Purchase, License, Upgrade and Support

# Common <Top>

Q: Can I request my license again if I lost it?
A: Yes, click here to retrieve your license by a self-service.

Q: Can I upgrade my copy to new version?
A: For Auto Mail Sender™ Standard Edition, it's FREE to upgrade product version.
For other products, it is depended on your choice of the upgrades package.

Q: Does my license expire?
A: For Auto Mail Sender™ Standard Edition, maybe, if expired, you can renew your license or purchase the lifetime license.
For other products, you can use it forever in your maximal version (the version number is controlled by your upgrade package).

Q: What happens after refunded or charged back my order?
A: IMPORTANT NOTICE: your license information is stored on our server, so, if you refunded/charged back your payment, or placed a fraudulent order, you will lose your license always.

Q/A: How to do if you don't see your license eMail?

Q/A: How to get better support?

Q/A: What are the license offers (for File/Standard Edition only)?

# Auto Mail Sender™ Birthday Edition <Top>

Q/A: Why are Enterprise licenses more expensive than Personal/Commercial licenses?
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