For Windows Download Auto Mail Sender™ Birthday Edition v14.0, 4.53 MB Download
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The main interface - It is your main work interface, all other interfaces and functions are called from here.
Contacts manager - Manages all
your contacts.
Contacts manager
Contact editor - Adds or edits a contact.
Contact editor
Search contacts - Searches contacts.
Search contacts
Select contacts or employees - Selects the contacts or employees for use.
Select contacts or employees
Multi-update - update the sending settings for the selected people in batch.
Enterprise structure - Creates and manages your enterprise structure.
Enterprise structure
Employees manager - Manages all your employees.
Employees manager
Employee editor - Adds or edits an employee.
Employee editor
Select department - Selects a department for use.
Select department
Search employees - Searches employees.
Search employees
Import explanation - Displays the explanation of importing employees/contacts, also provides the example files for the common file types.
Import explanation
eMail templates manager - Manages all your email templates.
eMail templates manager
Select greeting card - Selects a built-in greeting card to insert into current email template.
Select greeting card
Macros manager - Manages all your macros, you can use macro to make the more universal email templates to reduce your workload.
Macros manager
Macro editor - Adds or edits a macro.
Macro editor
Festivals manager - Manages all your festivals.
Festivals manager
Options - Set your SMTP accounts, proxy servers, signatures and other preferences for using AMSBE, writing messages and sending greetings.
SMTP account editor - Adds or edits a SMTP account.
SMTP account editor
Proxy server editor - Adds or edits a proxy server.
Proxy server editor
Queue and log manager - Manages emailing queue and log.
Queue and log manager
View/upgrade license - Views your current license type, [Licensed to] information, you can also input license key to upgrade to the higher license on this interface.
View/upgrade license
About Auto Mail Sender™ Birthday Edition - Displays program information, version number, copyright and license information.
About Auto Mail Sender™ Birthday Edition
Splash - The splash interface, displays program name, edition, copyright, website and other information.

For Windows Download Auto Mail Sender™ Birthday Edition v14.0, 4.53 MB Download