The Features of Our eMail Scheduling Software - Nice Statistics & Fully Control Sending

Both "Nice Statistics" and "Fully Control Sending" can be found in "Sending progress & results (one-by-one mode)" interface:

Sending Progress (OBO + Manual)
Screenshot 1: sending progress (OBO + manual mode) for learning that how to send timed emails.
Nice Statistics
  • Shows sending progress for each receiver, and updating in real-time. Includes sender, thread number, start and end times, progress, result and failure reason (if failed).
  • Shows statistics for the counts of each status, All, Success, Failure, Paused, Cancelled.
  • Shows 3D pie chart for taking a glance of above statistics. Even, it is updated in real-time too.
  • Shows total progress, includes begin and end times, spent time and status.
With these features, so we say it is "Nice Statistics".
Fully Control Sending
As above screenshot, you can pause, continue and stop the sending during mailing, after finished, you can resend the failed and cancelled receivers.

In the email field, this is an outstanding function, AMSSE makes these operations even like a music player, so we say you can "Fully Control Sending".
  • These functions are only for the manual sending mode. Because in the automatic mode, you do not need to control the sending and see the progresses in real time. You only need to review the logs, our email scheduling software already provides this function.
  • These functions are only for the one by one mode (OBO). Because in the non-OBO mode, there is only one email need to send, very fast, and do not need to control the sending. And about the progress, our email scheduling software makes it like below interface, also real time, not nice but do not need to so nice like the OBO sending, it's enough for the manual + non-OBO sending.
Sending Progress (non-OBO + Manual)
Screenshot 2: sending progress (non-OBO + manual mode) to learn that how to send timed emails.

That's not all. To learn more about our automatic email sender, just install it first:

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