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Send Automatic Birthday & Holiday Greetings

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Send eMails Automatically via Your Own Files

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Verifies If eMail Addresses Are Really Existing

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For Developers to Produce (E)SMTP Based Applications

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Note: our products are not natively Mac compatible. However you can run it without any issues using a Windows emulator like Parallels Desktop.
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QuoteGreat software! Now all I need is software to harvest email addresses! - By George for Auto Mail Sender™ Standard Edition

QuoteI just purchased Email Checker Pro, I am very pleased with its results and performance.
I have a group of about 2000 emails that are updated yearly. I just ran a test on 500 from last year and compared that to the failed ones from then that I had to handle manually (what a pain in the a** that is every year). It took about 60 seconds and the results compared very favorably with my manual removal process). Glad I purchased this program. It is going to save me tons of time each year. - By Rich Kern for Email Checker Pro

QuoteNice! Doesn't get any easier to test an email, enter it, test it. It will let you know if the email is legit or working or not. Simple, nice, works. 5 starts. - By for Email Checker Basic (100% FREE)

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Mar 20, 2019, Auto Mail Sender™ Standard Edition v16.0 released. Apr 10, 2018, Auto Mail Sender™ Birthday Edition v12.0 updated.
Jul 18, 2014, TSSI .NET SMTP Component v2.0 released. Aug 25, 2013, Email Checker Pro v4.1 released.
Nov 30, 2012, Auto Mail Sender™ File Edition v1.1 released. Mar 20, 2012, Email Checker Basic (100% FREE) v1.0 released.

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