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Release/Update Date
Features / Improvements Bug Fixes
Apr 30, 2022
  • Important (I): fully supports TLS v1.2, because a few eMail servers no longer support TLS v1.0/1.1, for instance:
  • No longer supports Windows XP and Vista.
  • I: piracy will be falsely reported on a very small number of computers.
  • I: cannot get the icon of attachment properly.
Mar 19, 2022
  • Now called "Hotmail account" as "Microsoft account", because all Microsoft accounts (such as, and can work under the same SMTP settings.
  • Removed the self-recommendation words from the end of eMail for Free license.
  • Important: the old default SMTP settings of hotmail no longer work, this version updated them to the new and worked settings. The changes are server address and port.
Dec 22, 2021
  • Important (I): made the better compatibility, greatly improved the success rate of sending eMails.
  • I: in fact, a real eMail address can contain the following special characters: +!#$%^&*={}|'/?, but in all previous versions, these eMail addresses will be judged invalid.
May 12, 2021
  • Important (I): automatically rearranges the items in Attachments area after removed item(s).
  • Optimized internal efficiency.
  • I: reports 334 error code when sending emails by
Apr 29, 2021
  • Important (I): standardize the storage and execution of scheduling information. Now, no matter how you modify the language, country, time zone, date and time format of Windows, it will not affect the execution of scheduling.
  • I: the efficiency of OBO sending is greatly improved, because now only one SMTP connection and session is needed to complete all OBO sending. The previous versions have to "connect to server -> start session -> end session -> disconnect from server" for every recipient.
  • Important (I): can directly display the fine-tuned main interface at startup instead of gradually adjusting it. It greatly increases the UI friendliness.
  • I: can sort data by numeric for [Spent], [Success], [Failure] and [Cancelled] columns on the "Logs" interface. In previous versions, they are sorted by text.
  • I: many performances have been greatly optimized to further prevent the occurrence of potential bugs.
  • I: redefined the value range and default values of some sending parameters to make them more reasonable, such as OBO sending interval, default re-sending interval and times, and so on.
  • I: shows the screenshots of sample recipients files and can view the sample files when importing recipients from files, also, makes the related option.
  • I: applied multi-threading technology to some time-consuming operations (such as manual sending, checking for new versions, etc.) to avoid interface freezes.
  • I: will determine whether the target file is in use (cannot be written) when saving the recipients to a file, and if so, will write to a new file "new-copy-target_file" and inform the user.
  • I: optimize various operation algorithms of the list to avoid flickering when the data is too large.
  • I: attachments area: supports open item by pressing <Enter> or double-clicking.
  • I: the judgment points of whether the template is changed are more accurate.
  • Lets the [password] field get focus when edit an SMTP account (friendlier).
  • Greatly optimized software texts for Polish.
  • Optimized software texts for German.
  • Optimized internal efficiency.
  • I: reports 334 error code when sending emails by
  • I: if the position of the "Schedule" list is too high, the opened "Schedule setter" window may not be displayed completely, even the title cannot be seen, and ordinary users cannot move it. It should not exceed the top of the main interface.
  • I: if detected a new version and you choose to upgrade software, and if the main interface prompts whether to create an SMTP account at this time, the program may crash when exiting.
  • Will open the attachment when click it.
Feb 21, 2021
  • Important (I): can process the embedded HTTPS image resources.
  • I: all lists can be re-sorted according to current sorting method after changed data.
  • I: attachments area: supports remove item by pressing <Del>.
  • I: fully supports native Hindi.
  • HTML eMail editor: integrated the "Insert horizontal line" and "Insert/remove background color/sound/picture" features to the HTML toolbar.
  • A new humanized design: sets the focus to the [User] field when create a new Gmail/Hotmail account.
  • More convenient system dialog boxes: now you can press <Esc> to close the dialog box and do nothing.
  • Can save template if it only has [Attachments] information.
  • Can display program logo in system "Apps & features" list.
  • Optimized the software text for Traditional Chinese.
  • Optimized internal efficiency.
  • I: cannot save template if there is no template in the list.
  • I: sometimes the [Subject] data cannot be completely saved.
  • I: will add duplicate font names to the [Font name] list of the Options interface - loads the duplicate fonts set per opening.
  • I: can input and save decimal in [Port] field.
  • I: a few macros do not work after upgraded product version.
  • I: if the file to be opened has no associated execution program, the system "How do you want to open this file?" dialog box will not be displayed on the Win8+ systems.
  • The tooltip of <Open...> button on "Select recipients from files" interface does not contain shortcut keys.
  • German: the <Remove> and <Clear> buttons on "Select recipients from files" interface have the same text.
  • The text "This item already exists, please specify another." has not been translated.
Mar 20, 2019
  • Important (I): supports to separate the recipients by newline and semicolon when manual inputting, to meet the habit of some users (in previous versions, only supports comma).
  • I: supports case insensitivity when searching in the plain email content.
  • I: can display the up/down arrows on the sorted column header.
  • I: can sort the numeric, date and time accurately in all lists (in previous versions, they are sorted by text).
  • I: can remember the position of every splitter for the main interface.
  • I: supports to automatically select the available SMTP account and proxy server (if the specified one or default one is unavailable) for the manual sending mode.
  • I: supports open or remove multiple attachments.
  • I: automatically removes the duplicate inputted/imported recipients when save the template ([CC] relies on [To], [BCC] relies on [To] and [CC]).
  • I: logs viewer: can remember the latest sort method when filter logs. In previous version, it always sorts logs by [Start time] in descending order after executed a filtering.
  • I: automatically ends software process when shut down, log off or restart Windows, in order to let you do a smooth shutting down, logging off or restarting.
  • I: can directly view the output after saved the recipients to a file.
  • Beautified UI: no longer reserve the space of vertical scroll bar for a few lists, because they have not so much data in usual.
  • The list no longer flashes when removing items (schedules, macros, SMTP accounts, proxy servers).
  • Optimized the appearance of the all date pickers.
  • Optimized "Request support..." related features.
  • Optimized internal efficiency.
  • I: the offer balance prompt of Free license is not correct (it prompts you the consumption).
  • I: manual sending the OBO email: the number of [Success] on the "Statistics" area may not correct if not all are successful.
  • Automatic importing the v6 macros to v14+ may fail.
  • Pressing <Enter> on the system dialog boxes may open the data editor interface (Macros, SMTP accounts and Proxy servers).
Aug 20, 2018
  • Important (I): canceled the character limit of email content (plain mode)/source code (rich mode). In previous versions, they are 32,767 Unicode characters.
  • I: made the username of SMTP account/proxy server case sensitive (in fact, most servers request it case sensitive).
  • I: if you try to set the schedule and have not created any SMTP account, AMSSE will prompt and guide you to create an SMTP account, once finished, show the "Schedule setter" UI. In previous versions, it will prompt you but disable the <Add> button of the "Schedule setter" UI.
  • I: made the friendlier verifying rule for checking if the recipient is valid. E.g. now AMSSE can process the recipient string like "Name <[email protected]>" even "Name < [email protected]>". In previous versions, it can only process the standard "[email protected]" or "Name <[email protected]> formats.
  • I: displays the date, time and numeric in localized format (friendlier).
  • I: automatically arranges the inputted/imported recipients when saving the template: formats them as [email protected] or X <[email protected]> and removes redundant separators & invalid recipients.
  • I: provides you with the pure 32/64-bit application (in ONE copy), it can work on 32/64-bit Windows, on 32-bit Windows, it is a pure 32-bit application, and on 64-bit Windows, it is a pure 64-bit program.
  • I: in automatic sending mode, it will prompt you the important information that caused AMSSE cannot finished the sending, in order to let you fixing something and continuing sending. In previous versions, it only recorded the reasons in the log quietly.
  • I: optimized the internal algorithm for signature manager.
  • I: optimized the logging way (more comprehensive and detailed): it will log the sending result for every receiver.
  • No longer need to specify the number of columns when importing recipients, AMSSE can identify this now.
  • If the item already exists in the input prompt list when manual adding a new one, AMSSE will prompt you to input it again. In previous versions, it will directly exit.
  • Beautified the schedules list.
  • The prompt of asking if you want to save a template appears more accurately.
  • Attachments area: supports to display the file size in digit grouping format.
  • Now, AMSSE supports to identify the installed Excel version on your PC, in order to choose the better format (xls or xlsx) for saving the recipients to Excel workbook.
  • I: "insert text from file to the plain text email" function is working messy, almost impossible to use.
  • I: the "check duplicate schedules" algorithm is not 100% accurate: if you have set a schedule WITH the "Repeat" setting, AMSSE allows you to create a same schedule WITHOUT "Repeat" setting.
  • I: the default location of saving recipients is "C:\", this may cause AMSSE cannot save the recipients properly on Vista+ systems (no writing permission).
  • The invalid recipient can be stored and shown also.
May 15, 2018
  • Important (I): can directly use a file as the receivers source (previous can only select receivers from the files). Now you can manage your receivers conveniently and can make a standard receivers list.
  • I: uses the new version of our own SMTP component, more powerful and stable!
  • I: can get a notice by eMail when the license is about to expire, with "How many days in advance?" setting.
  • I: supports to add attachments (files/folders) by drag-and-drop.
  • I: fully supports native Беларуская.
  • I: fully supports native Nederlands.
  • I: optimized the "Insert Macro" menu (the main interface and signatures manager): displays macros by category and hides the category that has not any macro.
  • I: standardized the format of input prompt item: uses uniform format - Name <[email protected]>.
  • Added more functions to the <Edit> toolbar button, such as "Select all", "Cut", "Copy", "Paste", "Delete", "Redo" and "Undo".
  • Marks the [License expiration] as red only when the "days left" is less than a week (previous versions are less than a month).
  • Each system message box has a proper icon now.
  • In the non-standard Windows color mode, some icons have the inconsistent background on the "Options" and "View/upgrade license" interfaces.
  • Optimized the icons of main interface, exe file, system tray icon (clearer), and now the exe icons includes the formats for Windows Explorer's "large" and "extra large" modes.
  • Optimized the tips of "Input prompt manager" interface, more accurate and comprehensive.
  • Optimized the template for Turkish.
  • Optimized the website: texts, images, layout, etc.
  • Optimized the self-recommendation text again.
  • The input prompt will show after clear the receivers, not friendly.
  • It may prompt you "Cannot insert macro to the file signature." when select a signature file.
  • Proxy server editor has conflicting hot keys.
Nov 03, 2017
  • Important (I): fully supports native Slovenščina.
  • I: rich text email: supports to select any other valid audio files which are not included the filters as the background music. Previous versions only support to select audio from the preset 8 formats.
  • I: rich text email: the background image supports 24 formats, and supports to select any other valid images which are not included the filters. Previous versions only support to select picture from the preset 6 formats, cannot select any other valid pictures.
  • I: optimized signatures manager: press <Esc> key will close whole "Options" interface when you are editing a signature. Now, just cancel editing after pressed <Esc>.
  • I: proxy server supports to use the user names which only have the different case (the actual situation may be allowed this).
  • I: integrated the following functions to the toolbar of HTML email editor, easier to use: insert horizontal line, add/remove background color/sound/image.
  • I: supports the embedded images with "file:///..." format that generated by a few operating systems. Now, any embedded image will be shown in the receiver's email client / webmail.
  • I: removed encoding and the related setting, now AMSSE will automatically use the right one according to your email content. Reduced the setup work.
  • I: removes the duplicate email addresses when sending message (automatic and manual modes), [CC] is based [To], [BCC] is based [To] & [CC].
  • I: removes duplicate items when automatically saving the input prompt.
  • Added a few macros under "My information" category.
  • Optimized proxy server editor interface: automatically lets [User] field gets focus after checked "Authentication required".
  • Added "Update history" function to the "Help" menu.
  • Optimized the location of all the drop-down menus.
  • Changed "Get/Retrieve Your License (Free)" menu item to "Lost License Key?" to eliminate ambiguity.
  • Optimized internal efficiency.
  • I: if the "First day of week" system setting is not "Sunday", then the days of week of the added "Weekly" and "Monthly" (the second type) schedules are not right.
  • I: SMTP account editor: cannot do "Save & add" action after edited one (still be "editing" mode").
  • I: cannot fully save the password of SMTP account/proxy server if it contains the leading/trailing space(s).
  • I: Input prompt manager: if inputted an existing item when editing, AMSSE will show a blank prompt.
Aug 04, 2017
  • Important (I): fully supports native Русский.
  • I: after changed the macro name, the subject & content of eMail templates and the text signatures will be updated automatically.
  • I: all interfaces are more perfectly displayed under different DPI settings for different systems.
  • I: recorded time in the Service log (service.log).
  • I: to avoid confusion and omission, for the yearly schedule, only allows No. 28 for February, never lets No. 29 appears.
  • I: supports to select the recipient by mouse-click when the input prompt list is showing.
  • I: optimized the input prompt: made the width of prompt list as same as the input box for the sidebar style receivers editors, no longer follows the cursor step by step, more beautiful and easier to use.
  • I: saved all passwords with encryption to ensure the safety of your information.
  • I: removed the duplicates when save the recipients to a file.
  • I: no longer forced require a repeat sending must be finished in the same day.
  • I: supports to edit macro, SMTP account, proxy server and input prompt by press <Enter> key.
  • I: uses an internal advanced Excel access algorithm to make very efficient behavior.
  • Displays the repeat sending schedules more friendlier (m * n).
  • When view the related file of the file signature, if the signature file no longer exists, AMSSE will prompt you, in order to let you to fix it timely.
  • Optimized the border of all text input boxes, more beautiful.
  • Optimized software texts.
  • Optimized website.
  • I: at the Service side, cannot get local Gregorian time on a few PCs, especially in the countries which have their own calendar. This will cause the Service reports "Invalid local date, please correct it first.", and cannot send eMails automatically.
  • I: always consumes the license offer in the manual OBO sending mode, even sending failed.
  • Proxy server editor: cannot finish <Save & add> action after edited one (still be "Edit" mode).
Apr 26, 2017
  • Important (I): can copy out all 'Failure' receivers for a selected log on the "Logs" interface, in order to paste them to other places for resending.
  • I: can delete two or more templates in one time.
  • I: fully supports native Türkçe.
  • I: changed the default font of eMail content/editor from "Courier New" to "Verdana", more beautiful and practical.
  • I: categories all options better, easier to use and friendlier.
  • Added an extra "Last day" item to the end of the "Monthly" day numbers list on the "Schedule setter" interface, it's more convenient and friendlier.
  • Optimized the "Search" feature: for HTML eMail, highlights all matched texts; for plain text eMail, supports pressing <F3> to continue searching.
  • The "Schedule" list supports sorting data.
  • AMSSE will ask you to create the first SMTP account when you first use it. In previous versions, it ask you on the Splash interface, now changed to the main interface (friendlier)
  • If you have not filled [Subject] for a new template, it provides you with a friendlier default template name (new-template-yyyymmdd, in previous versions, the default name is "New Template" always) when saving.
  • Extended the width of the fonts lists for the main and Options interfaces (friendlier).
  • Removed the context menu of HTML eMail editor - useless and easy to cause misuse.
  • Input prompt manager: focus on the new item after added it (friendlier).
  • Added the "Video tutorials" entry under the help button on the main interface.
  • Controls your license offer on our server side, more accurate.
  • Optimized software texts.
  • I: in the non-English system, the installer may display the unreadable texts.
  • I: it will generate a copy of all fonts to the "Font name" list on the "Options" interface when restore the settings.
  • I: cannot insert any macro to the [Subject] field.
  • I: Macro editor: cannot perform "Save & add" action when edit a macro (still be edit mode).
Sep 30, 2016
  • Important: made the automatic sending feature (core function) as a Windows Service. If you install AMSSE on your server, it is very useful - can enjoy the automatic sending feature without logged in Windows. Lets the product UI does not start automatically follow Windows starting, only need to run it manually when you need to configure it, it's friendlier, and reduced the system load. Besides, the sending efficiency of Windows Service is higher than the desktop program.
  • Important: adds the "Hourly" schedule.
  • Important: no longer ask you the number of columns when you import receivers from the recipients file, now, AMSSE can identify it automatically.
  • Important: supports to input the recipient by click the item of input prompt when you typing.
  • Important: greatly optimized, simplified and unified (initial capitalization problem) software texts, includes prompts, tooltips, interface texts, etc.
  • Adjusted the scope of OBO sending interval to 0~60 seconds (previous versions are 0~300 seconds), more reasonable and stable.
  • Does not update the macros of "My information" category after changed the default SMTP account, because AMSSE already set these macros OK after created the first SMTP account.
  • Use the up-down adjustments for the numeric settings (previous versions use the text boxes), it's friendlier.
  • Optimized internal efficiency.
  • Removed the software wrapper, lets AMSSE running faster and occupying less system resources.
  • Do not request the confirmation when exit the desktop edition, because it uses Windows Service to automatically send your messages now.
  • Selects the template after renamed it, in order to let you stay on the previous view.
  • Removed the "Clear" function for SMTP accounts, proxy servers and signatures lists, because you don't need it in most cases.
  • When saving the new template, if you input an existing template name and choose do not override the old one, AMSSE will use the last typed name when prompt you input template name again.
  • Fills more fields when add normal SMTP account (previous versions only filled the [Port] field).
  • Changed automatic generated "Your Account@" words to "YourAccount@" when create the Hotmail/Gmail accounts directly, because there is no email address with space character in the world.
  • Removed the "Add to Quick Launch Bar" option from the installer, because from Win Vista, it has no meaning.
  • Important: Schedule setter: if the repeat sendings cannot be completed on the same day, and if the focus stays on the [Interval (minutes)], then the schedule setting can be added successfully without any prompt when you add current schedule to the selected template.
  • Important: if you used the non-ASCII character(s) in your name or company name when buying, you may cannot register your license successfully after bought.
  • Fixed a little text errors for the installer.
Jun 29, 2016
  • Important: optimized the (E)SMTP component to get the faster sending.
  • Important: updates the license offer spent instantly after registered license successfully.
  • Important: if the email has not any attachment, but has the background music or picture, some webmails or clients will display the attachment icon in their email list, such as, Gmail.
  • The web registration machine can process the non-ASCII characters (for your name and company name mainly).
  • Optimized the arrangement of controls for the preferences page of options interface, more beautiful and easier to use.
  • Optimized the appearance of the "Sending progress and result (one-by-one mode)" interface.
  • Fixed the width of the left list, in order to display the data completely in different screen resolutions.
  • Saving recipients to file feature: on the selecting/inputting filename dialog box, the description of Other files filter is not accurately (should be "tab separated", not "specific separator").
  • Optimized some texts of Español and Français.
  • Added the proper icon to all system message boxes, and all of these message boxes support pressing <Esc> to close.
  • Optimized the software interfaces.
  • Optimized the online documentation.
  • Optimized some texts of software.
  • Changed "Microsoft Internet Explorer" string to "Microsoft Web Browser", because Windows 10 uses Microsoft Edge, for consistency, now calls them as "Microsoft Web Browser".
  • Optimized the text format of the installer's license agreement, made it more readable.
  • Removes the tooltip of some drop-down buttons because they will be covered partly. It's better to remove.
  • Important: if the content, attachment and / or inner picture are big, some email servers may reject the message, and you will receive a bounce email with "500 5.5.0 Line too long" error.
  • Important: though it requests the confirmation for the format lost when you switch rich text to plain text, but even you choose <Cancel> or <No>, you will always lose the format.
  • Schedule setter interface: if the repeat sending cannot be finished in the sending day, it will prompt you when click <Close> button, but actually do not need.
  • A little fixing of "Operation steps" page (fixed the button text).
May 19, 2016
  • Important (I): now, all contents and settings of the template can be clearly seen in the Schedule, Header, and Body areas on the main interface. In previous versions, some elements are scattered on the menu, the toolbar and other interfaces, and cannot see all on the main interface, such as schedule settings, priority, etc.
  • I: takes the schedule settings as a part of a template (just like subject and body!), no longer divides and rules them. Now, manages other element and schedule in the same way.
  • I: supports multi-language.
  • I: fully supports native Deutsch, Español, Français, Português (Brasil), 简体中文, 繁體中文, 日本語 and 한국어.
  • I: Now the installer supports multi-language also, and let you choose when install. Even, AMSSE can directly use the language that selected during installing.
  • I: uses the Segoe UI font which is used in Vista ~ Win10 and highly recommended by Microsoft for all interfaces, makes AMSSE to be more beautiful and friendlier greatly.
  • I: Complete Unicode supported.
  • I: uses the stronger exception processing algorithm and removed the debugger.
  • I: macro editor interface: does not need to input the delimitation characters ({}) for [Macro name], AMSSE will process it automatically. This reduced the extra working and avoided some latent errors.
  • I: simplified the name of some macros and macro categories, such as changed "Full Name of the Recipient" to "Full name of recipient", "Sending Date and Time" to "Sending date time".
  • I: changed the screenshots (website) from GIF to PNG, in order to let you see the clear and original interfaces.
  • Open translation interface for multi-language version.
  • Optimized the font of main and options interfaces (changed the bold text to blue), more readable.
  • Simplified the installing steps.
  • Added the purpose of "Open system address book" menu item to the main interface manual.
  • Changed the splitter color from black to gray for all related interfaces to make them friendlier.
  • Optimized the color of license type and "license to..." labels for about interface.
  • I: the license offer spent calculating algorithm has a bug - it will plus the spent of previous month to current month when run it at the first day of current month, and we need to fix them for you on the server manually.
  • I: the macros under "Recipient information" and "Sending date time" categories which are imported from v6 can NOT work.
  • I: the Web registration machine will record the lifetime license as 1 year license after you bought, we need to fix it manually.

Important Notice for Registered v6 Customers
by TriSun Software@Mar 01, 2016, Notice End

Release/Update Date
Features / Improvements Bug Fixes
Mar 01, 2016
  • Important (I): made the new main interface: integrates templates/schedules/queue management and template opening/editing in one interface, now you do not need to go the different interfaces/modules to manage/edit templates and schedules. This feature greatly improved your work efficiency.
  • I: made the new and powerful log management interface (sending result for each receiver and 3D pie chart), in order to let you manage the sending history very conveniently. In the previous versions, you can only review the sending history in Notepad by reading the text line by line.
  • I: supports to display and manage the eMailing queue.
  • I: supports multi-threading in one-by-one mode (auto and manual both), and the maximum number of threads can be adjusted.
  • I: in manual mode: made the more powerful & comprehensive and friendlier sending progress interfaces. Especially, in one-by-one mode, it can display the sending progress for each receiver, and uses the 3D pie chart to display the sending result.
  • I: integrated the menus and toolbar, in order to let to find the desired functions quickly and conveniently, and more, it simplified your operations.
  • I: can see the sample recipients files and their screenshot when select a recipients file, in order to let you know how to make your own recipients file at a glance.
  • I: supports resending if failed for auto mode, and can set the resending interval & times.
  • I: uses the random and global unique message ID in the SMTP layer to avoid some eMail servers and / or ISPs treating your eMails as junk or spam. Now, the delivery success rate is increased greatly. Even, some mobile devices cannot receive the messages that with the same message id properly, such as iPhone will only receive the first message from the messages that with the same message ID.
  • I: changed the layout of template header and body: put header at the left of body (previous versions are above of body). More innovative, beautiful, practical and easier to use, and even makes full use of today's popular widescreen monitor.
  • I: uses the new data access way - XML, lighter and more stable.
  • I: supports to pause/continue/stop sending in manual one-by-one mode.
  • I: greatly adjusted/optimized/beautified all interfaces, for layout, font, etc.
  • I: supports CC to yourself.
  • I: Optimized the toolbar and all other icons, more beautiful & understandable and clearer.
  • I: combined the "Sender" and "Reply Receiver" settings to SMTP accounts, in order to let the main interface cleaner and reduce your management costs.
  • I: prevents sending the no-subject eMail for anti-spam reason.
  • I: provides the sample template to simply introduce how to use this product. If you have not created any other templates, AMSSE will display the sample template by default. In previous versions, the interface is almost empty at the first running, it's very unfriendly and you may have no way to start.
  • I: distinguished the "Save" and "Save as" features. The previous versions only have "Save as..." function, very inconvenient.
  • I: you can see the consumption of your license offer on the "View/upgrade license" interface.
  • I: perfected UI effect for any system DPI setting, in any supported Operating Systems (system DPI setting: in Windows 7, it can be changed at "Control Panel -> Appearance and Personalization -> Display -> Make text and other items larger or smaller").
  • I: supports Windows 10, 32 & 64-bit both.
  • I: no longer request installing the third-party (from Microsoft) component for Vista+ systems again, in order to let the installer to be trustworthier and running more smoothly.
  • I: greatly reduced the size of installer via internal optimization, reduced nearly a half.
  • I: displays the progress during testing SMTP account/proxy server.
  • I: uses one interface to process backing up and restoring data operations, simpler and easier to use.
  • I: on "Options" interface, put "SMTP accounts" before "Proxy server", because you may do not need to use the proxy server usually.
  • I: Moved all actions which need to run the default eMail client to the online webpages, in order to avoid the confusion if who has not a default eMail client.
  • I: greatly optimized the online help documentation: removed all unnecessary content, only retained the important things that you need to know, more compact and practical.
  • I: Use the new company logo on the "About..." and Splash interfaces.
  • I: can perfectly preview the effect when change font settings.
  • I: asking for confirmation before exit to avoid mistaking, because AMSSE is used to send eMails automatically and needs to be kept running.
  • Displays the recipients count when import receivers from files.
  • Optimized the border all text input boxes, more beautiful.
  • Optimized the filter of background picture/sound chooser for HTML eMail editor (the old one is too long and hard to be complete shown).
  • Supports to directly open the database location (for technical support), in order get better support.
  • Uses Golden Ratio for the start position of the splash interface.
  • Can visit the Mail solution/company homepage directly by clicking the related menu item under <Help> button.
  • Added the remote support entrance to the <Help> button.
  • Added "Find Us on facebook/Twitter/Google+" features to the <Help> button.
  • Redesigned the licenses and the charge mode.
  • I: if your system DPI setting is not default value (96), a few interfaces cannot be opened or flash, even the whole application will crash.
  • I: cannot display the embedded local images.
  • I: if the eMail has not any attachment, but has the embedded image(s), some webmail systems will display the attachment icon in their messages listing, such as, Gmail.
  • Cannot drop-down the "Format" and "Tools" menus by accelerator keys (<Alt+?>).
Dec 24, 2012
  • Important: supports the long subject, the previous versions cannot process the subject that exceeded 52 characters.
  • Important: optimized the Internet connection checking and license key verifying techniques. The previous version may cannot get user's license information and offer if AMSSE is started but the Internet connection is not available.
  • Checking the unsupported characters (similar to the OS) when rename an email template.
  • Optimized the CSV file importing function, now can process the quotes delimiter ("").
  • Optimized and standardized the naming rules (case insensitive) for email templates.
  • Optimized UI.
  • Optimized the website and documentation.
  • Optimized the code to make it to be succinct, efficient and small (size).
  • Optimized the font of the schedule listing of Sending Schedule interface, now, it can be display properly on any supported Windows version (WinXP or later).
  • Important: on Vista or later systems: it may cannot save new templates or delete the existing templates after used "Sending Schedule" interface.
  • Important: if there is a new version is available or the Internet connection is not available, the background scheduler will not be loaded until you respond the related dialog boxes during AMSSE starting.
  • Important: has not deleted the related sending schedule when delete an email template (loose to maintain the data consistency).
  • Important: the imprecise local date checking, it may cause something wrong at the end of month.
  • Important: has not changed the scheduling file name after renamed an email template.
  • On Vista or later systems: some data cannot be saved, deleted or changed.
  • It may generate the empty template name when save a template (almost impossible).
Dec 01, 2011 (Update)
  • Improved TLS protocol implementation (specially, supports Office 365 SMTP server (, important feature.
Nov 01, 2011
  • Provides online web help, important feature.
  • Optimized the logic of macros replacement, important feature.
  • Writes a file to the empty folder attachment, else, the receivers cannot open this folder attachment, important feature.
  • Improved the splash interface.
  • Optimized the documentation.
  • Optimized the system tray icon.
  • Monthly sending times initialization is improper, important fixed.
  • Monthly 'Last Day' schedule cannot work at Dec 31, important fixed.
  • Avoids the popup Outlook Express dialog box (for Win XP-), important fixed.
  • Avoids the invalid template name (checks special character for template filename), important fixed.
Oct 30, 2011 (Update)
  • Sometimes, cannot work on Win7 perfectly due to the permissions of data files (very important).
Aug 20, 2011 (Update)
  • Works perfectly under ANY system language/format settings, especially weekly scheduling (very important).
Jun 22, 2011
  • Supports emptying folder after sent it successfully (very important).
  • Simplified the self-recommendation word.
  • Optimized some texts for help document, program and official site.
  • Updated some screenshots for help document and official site.
Nov 28, 2010
  • Optimized some texts for help document and official site.
  • Sometimes, cannot modify your settings on Windows Vista+ systems (important fixed for Vista+ users).
Nov 24, 2010
  • Supports TLS security connect (such as Hotmail SMTP server, important feature).
  • Upgrades license offers: Free license (20 -> 50 e-mails monthly), Personal license (200 -> 300 e-mails monthly), Home license (600 -> 900 e-mails monthly). Important feature.
  • Provides more detail about licenses introduction.
  • Provides more detail if you can not connect to the Internet.
  • Provides upgrade service.
  • Inappropriate icon on upgrade question box.
Oct 09, 2010
  • Sometimes, new version checker and updates message are incorrect.
  • Sometimes, the tooltips of the toolbar buttons cannot show.
Sep 24, 2010
  • Check the network connection when starting AMSSE, in order to verify your license key properly.
  • Sometimes, the Scheduler can not get your license offer.
  • Sometimes, AMSSE will change your default email client setting, now, never.
Jul 29, 2010
  • Supports to set the same sending time for more than one email templates (accurate to the minute).
  • Email content supports Unicode characters, includes loading, displaying, editing, previewing and sending actions.
  • Signature supports Unicode characters, includes loading, displaying, editing, previewing and sending actions.
  • Subject supports Unicode characters, includes loading, displaying, editing and sending actions.
  • No matter which encoding specified, it can display non-ASCII attachments name always.
  • Provides more auto-complete fields on the 'Add/Edit SMTP Account...' interface to get more friendly operations.
  • Optimized all actions that under the 'Edit' menu.
  • Updated the upgrade license explanation in the help document.
  • The signature editor supports select all text by shortcut key.
  • If there are Unicode characters in the rich content, it can not display the source and preview properly.
  • After cleared signatures, if click <Close> button or create and edit a new signature, program will crash.
  • Sometimes, it can not display the sent time properly in non-English speaking countries.
  • Sometimes, the sub menu items under 'Insert -> Signature' menu will be disorderly.
  • Can not identify the line break in the default text signature when create a new rich text message.
  • Sometimes, the HTML email editor has not been initialized properly after created new message.
  • Sometimes, the signature file area has not been cleared after cleared signatures list.
  • Can not save the date part of the custom sending time.
  • Does not prompt to save message if only changed plain content, the source of rich content or subject.
  • Some wrong/inappropriate prompts.
Jun 29, 2010
  • Supports custom sender completely (important feature).
  • Checks duplicate when attach files (important feature).
  • Canceled maximizing feature for the subject box (does not need).
  • Uses the shorter license key.
  • When restore the content area, if the attachments box is maximum, the interface will be a little messy.
  • The attachments box is too narrow, this will cause that can not through double-click to maximize it and can not see the attachments list properly.
  • Can not attach too many files (30+) to the attachments box once.
Jun 17, 2010
  • New menu item: 'Retrieve Your License Key' under the 'Help' menu.
  • Made the friendlier license key verifying method.
  • Provides more functions in the tray icon menu.
  • A few email servers or email clients can identify and display the BCC addresses (important bug).
  • The case issue of support email's subject.
May 24, 2010
  • Checks the network environment strictly before checks the latest version.
  • Fills email subject and content automatically after clicked the support link in the help document.
  • Lets 'Last Day' schedule option as the first option in the 'Monthly' list and added a few notes for this option in the help document.
  • Added some explanations for licenses.
  • Sets the property of AMSSE data folder as normal, so that users can send it to us easily for support request.
  • Renamed 'Auto Mail Sender™' to 'Auto Mail Sender™ Standard Edition' due to product line development needs.
  • Sometimes, monthly sending schedule will be chaotic (important bug).
Apr 08, 2010
  • Supports folder attachments (important feature).
  • Supports debugging (important feature).
  • Improved the UI response speed.
  • New help chapter - "Start, exit and debug Auto Mail Sender™ Standard Edition".
  • Added the "Subscribe to AMS Blog' RSS Feed" feature to the help menu.
  • Added some notes about attachment and AMS blog to the help document.
  • The validity check of email template is not rigorous.
  • No existing check for attachments when saving, opening and sending email.
  • If attach multiple files once, sometimes the attachment icon does not display properly.
  • In the manual sending mode, if there are duplicate attachment names, then the sent email only displays the first duplicate name properly.
Mar 13, 2010
  • Made the scheduler as a single process (AScheduler.exe), so as to: make the noninterference in manual sending and automatic sending, separate the UI, data and automatic sending process, avoid the UI does not respond or slow response when send emails automatically and close the UI but retain the schedule.
  • Some notes for the SMTP Accounts setting in the help document.
  • New menu items: 'Close UI' and 'Exit Completely' under 'File' menu.
  • New menu item: 'AMS Official Blog' under the 'Help' menu.
  • New payment method - PayPal.
  • Some inappropriate text on the 'About Auto Mail Sender™ Standard Edition' interface.
Mar 01, 2010
  • New UI. Includes new toolbar, splash interface, license logos and main icons.
  • Some optimizations UI and document.
  • Restore options will reset license type.
  • On the 'Options -> Signatures' tab page, press <E> will prompt to delete current item.
Feb 24, 2010
  • Added some important explanations to the 'How to upgrade product' chapter of the help document.
  • Can not display online manual by pressing <F1> on the 'Options' interface.
  • Weekly sending schedule can not work sometimes.
  • At the same time to send two or more automatic emails, it will appear redundant attachment(s).
Feb 18, 2010
  • Added a few preset macros.
Feb 05, 2010
  • Can not insert macro into the email content in the 'Rich Text' mode sometimes.
Jan 29, 2010
  • Repeat sending supportable.
  • Macros supportable.
  • Proxy servers list.
  • SMTP accounts list.
  • In the automatic sending mode, select the available SMTP account to send email automatically if the saved one is unavailable in the email template.
  • In the automatic sending mode, select the available proxy server to connect to the SMTP server automatically if the default is unavailable.
  • Data export/import (includes importing data from v3.xx of AMSSE) supportable.
  • Supports selecting sheet(s) from Excel/previewing workbook when select recipients from Excel document.
  • Supports selecting recipients from Excel 2007 document.
  • Supports sending interval control for OBO mode to disencumber the frequency limitation for a few (E)SMTP servers.
  • The better 'Test' function for testing the proxy servers and SMTP accounts: includes connection, logon and busy mouse pointer (v.3.xx- tests connection only).
  • New splash interface.
  • New program icon.
  • New toolbar buttons.
  • Supports sort for 'Custom Senders' and 'Signatures' lists.
  • Windows Vista/7 compatible.
  • Supports 'Copy' for 'Proxy Servers', 'SMTP Accounts' and 'Custom Senders' lists.
  • Supports display online manual directly on every interface.
  • Supports shortcut for all the text with icon buttons.
  • Provides the bigger font size for all lists to get the friendlier UI.
  • Supports double-clicking to edit data and pressing <Del> to delete data for all lists to get the friendlier UI.
  • Provides the prompts before deleting data thoroughly.
  • Checks the new version automatically.
  • Supports creating the popular SMTP accounts directly, such as Gmail, Hotmail.
  • Provides the all-round, friendly and powerful help document.
  • Provides the operation flowchart.
  • If there is invalid row in the txt/csv recipients file, importing action will terminate when select recipients from file.
  • Can not clear the [To]/[CC]/[BCC]/[Subject] fields sometimes if create new message after opened an email template.
  • It will lose message content sometimes after changed 'Rich Text' to 'Plain Text'.
  • Can not display the HTML email editor on the main interface in Windows Vista/7.
  • Can not display the encoding name properly on the main and 'Options' interfaces in Windows Vista/7.
  • Can not open system address book in Windows Vista/7.
  • If move mouse to the system prompt area when sending message manually, it will display the inappropriate information.
  • Uses the identical icon for the <Clear> button.
  • Can not display tooltips for toolbar buttons sometimes.
  • Improper initial location of 'Add/Edit Sender' interface.
  • Can not switch to 'SMTP Accounts' page properly when call this option page in other modules.
  • The input prompt can not work properly after started.
  • Can not set the format and font of content editor after started sometimes.
  • Uses the bold label for some ambiguous interface elements.
  • Some wrong/unsuitable text and prompts of program.
Dec 29, 2009
  • Can send email properly for the old email templates after changed SMTP account information.
  • Some wrong/unsuitable text and prompts of program.
Dec 13, 2009
  • Closes main interface to system tray to avoid closing it carelessly.
  • Faster speed than previous version.
  • No prompt for yellow in the color panel.
  • Some wrong/unsuitable text and prompts of program.
Nov 27, 2009
  • Can send emails successfully via all (E)SMTP servers (formerly AMSSE can not send emails via a few (E)SMTP servers which require the URL address authentication.
  • Supports unlimited large attachment(s).
  • The monthly schedule supports last day and serial number (contains last) of weekday.
  • Supports input prompt for [To/CC/BCC] fields.
  • Supports managing the listing of input prompt.
  • Added preferences options: default startup position, email format, encoding, font name, font size.
  • Supports exporting/importing email templates.
  • Gives the prompt when change email format from rich text to plain text.
  • Optimized the 'Find' function - gives prompt when current focus is not in the input area.
  • Made the unique shortcuts for the 'Options' dialog box.
  • Can remember the size and position of the main interface and restore them automatically.
  • Separated main text and prompts to the language files, so as to make other language version by users.
  • Select all text for the main input areas (except main interface) when they got focus.
  • Can only specify the existing days in current month for the monthly schedule.
  • Can not load the file signature correctly when create new message.
  • The twinkle screen when restore main interface from the system tray area.
  • The listings are not orderly in the 'Schedule Mailing' dialog box.
  • The lax email change check when create new message and close 'Options' dialog box.
  • The font name and size can not be set correctly when change email format from plain text to rich text.
  • HTML email editor is not empty when create a new message.
  • Can not load the encoding setting correctly when open a template.
  • No prompt for the changed email when manage/schedule/export templates.
  • The copied text can not be used by other programs.
  • Loses focus for input areas if uses the default signature to create new message.
  • A part of HTML email editor is covered by its toolbar.
  • A part of toolbar is covered by other interface elements.
  • The lax system prompts (on status bar).
  • The description of executable file (ams.exe).
  • Some wrong/unsuitable text, prompts and colors of program.
  • Some wrong/unsuitable text of the help document.
  • The lax duplicate item check in the grid.
Before v3.20
From 2004 to 2009
  • Can send the remote resources (for instance: HTTP images) for HTML email.
  • Added the rename and deletion confirmation functions to the 'Manage Templates' interface.
  • Added the recipients separator remark to To/CC/BCC fields and online help.
  • Supports comma with some spaces as the separator for CSV files.
  • Added the examples for recipient files to the online help.
  • Can save current recipients to txt/csv/xls file.
  • Can clear the recipients area (To/CC/BCC) once.
  • Added the restoration confirmation function to the 'Options' interface.
  • Provides the easier, friendlier and nicer interface.
  • Supports HTML email and provides the full functions HTML email editor.
  • Supports selecting receivers from the txt/csv/xls files.
  • Provides all the traditional email elements/functions and some distinctive elements/functions.
  • Supports input the receivers manually.
  • Supports sending emails via the proxy server.
  • Supports sending emails by the SMTP server and the SSL connection.
  • Supports the one by one sending mode.
  • Displays the sending progress when sending emails manually.
  • Provides the senders/reply receivers list, virtual sender/reply receiver/date and time.
  • Supports maximizing and restoring the common inputting area.
  • Reduced the size of the installation file.
  • Integrated interface (use MDI).
  • Optimized system resources occupation.
  • When view attachments in the 'Template set' interface, notify user to delete attachments if them is not exists.
  • Added 'Save & Close' and 'Save & Add' functions to the templates, signatures and subjects setting interface.
  • All main interface and boxes support adjusting size.
  • The more convenient registration method.
  • Synchronize the interface colors style when Windows system colors style has been changed.
  • Show message in all the data area when there are no data found.
  • Removed the text 'Sent By Auto Mail Sender™ Standard Edition' from email content.
  • Make the system tray icon when AMSSE was minimized.
  • Lowest system resources occupancy & fastest executed speed & fastest response speed.
  • Improve the logo.
  • Improve the register method.
  • Consolidate the date & time list boxes operation buttons to a group in the 'Sending Mail Setting' interface.
  • Abandon the remark of universal shortcut keys on all the title bars.
  • Can not move rows when add or edit data in the tree view & grid.
  • Check whether the data are exist when edit in the 'Contacts' interface.
  • Reduce the times of the trial edition's limitation message.
  • Optimize the style of the trial edition's limitation message.
  • Double-click to delete row in the 'Sending Mail Setting' interface.
  • Check the validity of E-mail address.
  • Adjust all of the foreground & background color of labels & fields, let them nearer the window's color.
  • Analyze & show reasons of each sent unsuccessfully E-mails, so that to correct errors.
  • All shortcut keys support.
  • Add 'Setting Name' label to 'Sending Mail Setting' interface.
  • In each attachment list boxes, can double-click an item to open it.
  • Can not using the non-authentication SMTP server.
  • The wrong recipients separator (';') for using OE recipients.
  • Move the main interface inconveniently.
  • Sent logs can not to increase when the logs serial No. attain 10.
  • All the data were deleted when delete the last row in the 'Sending Mail Setting' interface.
  • Adjust the width of the contacts list box.
  • In the Windows XP OS, the date & time list boxes are appear the horizontal scroll bar.
  • When moved the mouse, the interface was glittering.
  • All windows were displayed completely on the Windows XP OS.
  • After chose contacts from the OE or Outlook's address book, the interface was not normal.
  • The icon can not display in the attachments list box.
  • Adjust the font in the 'System Error' interface.
  • Correct the text error in the 'about AMSSE' interface.
  • Move the 'E-mail Address' column to the front of all the contact grids.
  • Adjust the 'Sending Mail Setting' interface fully, so that most reasonably use the screen resources.
  • Adjust the method of resources using, so that make a smaller size of AMSSE.

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