AMSSE Online Help - Some Important Notes for Other Interfaces

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Back up / restore data Interface Macros manager and Macro editor Interfaces Input prompt manager Interface

It is the source of the input prompt when you typing in [To/CC/BCC].

Proxy server editor Interface SMTP account editor Interface Screenshots of sample recipients files Interface

<Do not prompt in the future.> - if you have been able to skillfully use AMSSE, you may check it to select recipients file without this prompt interface. You can also change this setting on Options interface, locates at "Preferences -> Other settings".

About... and View/upgrade license Interfaces

[Licensed to] - includes your name, company and the registered eMail address, formatted as "your name@company, by email address". If you use Free license, it will display as "Free license for anybody", else, this information will be retrieved from our server automatically.

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