Auto Mail Sender™ Birthday Edition (AMSBE) wurde entwickelt, um automatisch Geburtstagswünsche und Weihnachtsgrüße (Karten oder Nachrichten) zu senden. Machen Sie einfach ein paar Einstellungen, Sie können ein praktisches Werkzeug zum Senden automatischer Wünsche erhalten.

Es organisiert Ihre Beziehungen in zwei Kategorien: Kontakte (für persönliche und kommerzielle Lizenzen) und Mitarbeiter (für Enterprise-Lizenzen). Und hat "Sendet voraus", "Bringt das Wochenend-Senden auf Freitag", "Erneutes Senden von Wünschen wenn gescheitert" und viele andere Funktionen, um sicherzustellen, dass Sie keine Wünsche verpassen.

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Betreff: Software weiterempfehlen - Auto Mail Sender Birthday Edition: sendet automatisch Geburtstagswünsche (aus 'Ihr Name hier')


Ich benutze Auto Mail Sender Birthday Edition, es ist entworfen, Geburtstag und Festival Grüße automatisch zu senden und bietet die kostenlose Lizenz für Sie. Machen Sie einfach ein paar Einstellungen, Sie können ein praktisches Tool zum Senden von automatischen Begrüßungen erhalten.

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Von @ 21.Dec.2019
A reliable and efficient software solution for sending birthday and festival greetings automatically, saving you valuable time and effort
Auto Mail Sender Birthday Edition is a reliable and easy to use application designed to remind you when a friend's birthday approaches. It can automatically send a greeting email to the birthday person, whether they are friends, family, acquaintances or work colleagues. Configure the birthday plan You can insert the birthdates of friends, family, colleagues, teachers or business associates to an extensive list, that sorts them according to the relation you have with them. The sorting determines which template applies to each person. Moreover, you can set specific greetings templates for holidays and festivals. By default, the software can send greetings for Halloween, Women's day, Valentines day, Thanksgiving or April Fool's day, but the list can easily be customized. Simply add the name of the celebration, the date and the intended receivers. You may add several filters, such as gender - female, for Mother's day recipients, for example, age, or category of contacts. Email template designer The application enables you to create multiple email templates, each suitable to one or more events or birthdays. For instance, you can set different email templates for birthdays of friends, relatives or business associates. A common template might sound too formal for a friend or too colloquial for an employer. You may add the text, with specific mentions for the names, dates, and age, in order for the software to automatically fill in the blanks before sending the email. These elements, as well as signatures, phone numbers or bank accounts can be customized from the Macros Manager window. Additionally, you can insert images, art text and background colors. You have full control over the email layout, font, colors and text size. You may view the email source or get a preview of what the recipient email looks like. Conclusion With Auto Mail Sender Birthday Edition you can automate email sending, thus never missing to congratulate someone on their birthday. You can customize templates and edit them at any time, in order to make the message templates as personalized as possible, thus giving a pleasant surprise to the birthday person. Additionally, the software can resend the emails multiple times, if the first try fails.

Von @ 07.Jun.2017
Just tweak a little the settings, you can get a convenient tool for sending automatic greetings.
Auto Mail Sender™ Birthday Edition is a sub product of Auto Mail Sender™ and was designed to enable you to send birthdays greetings automatically. Just tweak a little the settings, you can get a convenient tool for sending automatic greetings.

Von @ 16.Feb.2014
Never Forget Birthday Greetings Ever Again
It's happened again, hasn't it? Despite all of the mental conditioning, the sticky note reminders, the marked up calendars and whatnot, you've still managed to completely forget an important birthday, and now you're in trouble! Well, short of inventing a time machine, there's nothing to help you out of this year's mess, but with a copy of Auto Mail Sender™ Birthday Edition, you'll never have to experience this kind of grief ever again! Auto Mail Sender™ Birthday Edition gives you the ability to send birthday wishes and season's greetings automatically! With Auto Mail Sender™ Birthday Edition, all you need to do is set up a person's birthday once, and your happy birthday emails will be sent automatically, on time! As you would expect, Auto Mail Sender™ Birthday Edition comes with a stellar Contacts Manager, plus you can import contacts from a text or CSV file. What's more, you have your choice of card design from the included festival, greeting card, and email templates! Thanks to the WYSIWYG HTML email editor, you'll always know how your greetings will look to your recipient when they open your message. A flurry of technical bonuses make Auto Mail Sender™ Birthday Edition an automatic must-buy! You can choose to send your messages ahead of the actual birthday or event. You can elect to have your wishes resent if the original mailing fails. Auto Mail Sender™ Birthday Edition is even smart enough to know that a date falls on a weekend, allowing you to automatically have your greetings sent on the Friday before, guaranteeing that your recipient sees it!

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